About Steve

AboutSteveSteve Farrar is the founder and chairman of Men’s Leadership Ministries.  He holds a Master’s degree from Western Seminary inPortland, Oregon, and an earned doctorate from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas.  After 15 years of serving as a local church pastor and occasional conference speaker, Steve began to see a growing crisis among modern day Christian men:  men felt devalued and displaced from their God-given calling to leadership; biblical masculinity was under fire; a growing number of marriages were struggling and ending in divorce; and there was a woeful lack of models for men in their role as fathers.  His first book, “Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family”, touched a nerve among men and eventually became a best seller.  Shortly after its release, speaking invitations began to pour in from around the country. “Quite frankly the response was overwhelming,” says Steve.  “It soon became evident that God was calling me to focus on speaking and writing to men.” Men’s Leadership Ministry was founded in 1991 and for the last two decades has provided a platform for Steve to speak, write, and produce a continuous flow of teaching on the subjects that concern men most.

Today Steve speaks at 25 -30 men’s conferences a year around the United States and Canada. He has written some 20 books for men, including the best-selling “Finishing Strong”, “King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father,” “Battle Ready” (Bold Men of God series), and his latest book from the life of Boaz, “Real Valorwas released on April 1, 2013.  Steve also teaches a weekly Men’s Bible Study, (continuously updated on-line, and made available in individual CD’s and CD sets).  You can attend that evening study if you live or visit in the Dallas, Texas area; simply click under CONFERENCES for more information.

Steve’s wife, Mary, holds her Master’s Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and along with co-writing with Steve the book, “Overcoming Overload”, she has published the best-selling book, “Choices: For Women Who Long to Discover Life’s Best”, and her latest book, “Reading Your Male:  An Invitation to Understand and Influence Your Man’s Sexuality”.